Short Science Episode 2: Heart Failure, Epigenetics and Icy Brinicles

We’re back for the second of our monthly shows. We’ve kept our eyes glued to the science internet for the stories that have been going crazy online.

So here is episode 2 – a slightly eclectic mix of heart failure, epigenetics and icy brinicles!

Heart Failure, Epigenetics and Icy Brinicles

This episode features:

The Short Science News in Brief
News of research to create new organs from scratch (thanks to Tyler ‘Teary Eyes’ Anderson)
A Medical Casebook on heart failure
The ins and outs of epigenetics
The icy brinicle
A book about Nobel-Prize winning research (thanks to Chris and Ken)
Science events listings from around the country


So here is a list of links from the show – kicking off with our ‘News in Brief’ links:

Computers trained to read micro-expressions (
Saunas heal your mood and your heart (New Scientist)
New theory explains what makes a video go viral (
Tweaking a gene makes muscles twice as strong (
DNA to flutter by (

Here is a link to the book we discussed by Richard Panek – The 4-Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality

And finally here is a link to the British Science Association’s events page.

Short Science is written, presented and produced by Elizabeth Hauke.