Short Science Episode 1: Quantum Hoverboards

Wow, we’ve had a good long break. But we’ve not been resting on our laurels (or oaks, or birches). Oh no. We’ve been remixing, recooking and totally reworking the show. From now on we’re bringing out new episodes monthly – so you’ll have to wait a bit longer between fixes!

So here is the first of our new shows. This is episode number 1 and it’s all about quantum hoverboards.


This episode features:

The Short Science News in Brief
A guest news item by Tyler ‘Teary Eyes’ Anderson
A Medical Casebook by Tyler ‘Teary Eyes’ Anderson
All you ever needed to know about quantum hover boards
What’s sciencey and happening around the UK in the coming weeks

Phew! Read more in the British Science Association’s events site.

Watch the movies that demonstrate the Meissner effect and quantum hover boards. This first one is from Imperial’s ‘Science From Scratch’ series and is presented by Dr Catherine Zentile, featuring expert Professor Robin Grimes.

Watch the movie by Ross Exton – when he tells you to click on the screen, go ahead and click, a new screen will open up with a demonstration; when you’re done with that Ross will be waiting to explain what it’s all about!