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Episode 4. The Hunger Games during college finals week

Last week of examinations the most difficult for every student and preparation is a half of the deal. The longer you wait for starting the exams, the harder is don`t give up. And when will finish main exam, after that you will get professional qualification. The most hard thing is «survive» and don`t gave up before the start of exam. Oh, this is must calls «college finals week». Especially if you have watched the movie what named «Hunger Games», this is an awesome story about people which had to survive, to make a struggle for saving own lives. We have to start planning the essay how to do something to pass final exams well. I don’t want to buy something what helps me keep calm, hunger games essay will help to understand what to do in this case. This hunger games paper writing will help everyone to pass exams very well.

There were times, when I passed final exams, now I`m sympathize to students who have this difficult time passing exams at college. Many students even cry of nervous tension or forgetting about an exam. To pass well was my main aim, but for this I had to do much effort, to observe the rules of relieves stress, avoid final exam meltdown. This story has to be writing an essay on a novel or film where everyone want to live and don’t want to be loser. Hunger games summary book maybe will show everyone how have to fight for something what you really want. The hunger games essay questions will be write for you if you are student of the last year.

First of all you must do in this way of finals week stress:

1. Don’t do something in the last moment when begins college dead week. You better should keep all information about schedule of exams, notes and study tips from classmates, to talk with professors about classes. This is helps you to low emotional stress and keep calm.
2. Think about your own technologies, your phones, flash cards and note, to take a break, mathematical formulas organize a virtual or face-to-face study group; sync your different electronic resources. Yes, study for college finals week it’s a serious challenge.
3. Don’t Drink, Sleep Around, or Party: this is right, your organism will be healthy, will not be troubles with memory, you don’t have to be on exams with a hangover, and the main thing – don’t drink a coffee. This is will be your finals week motivation if you like alcoholic drinks.
4. Exercise and Eat Right: to take care about your stomach, this is can helps you be more confident.
5. Take a break: Go for strolling, go to walk with friends, take a nap, take your time watching favorite films, you have to “self-care” and this is all what can said you psychologists.

There are 5 tips to keep your head and skin clean when begins final exams

1. Air out your problems. Get up, get out, get some fresh air
2. Pamper your skin with a mini-facial every time you wash
3. Go nuts on healthy snacks
4. Keep caffeine to a minimum
5. Reach for a cocktail

It’s just like funny hunger games in college finals week, everyone wants to «live», and nobody wants to embarrass. The creator of hunger games had written the book about fight for a survival.

So this essay on the hunger games book and I hope this is helps you in your way to pass exams very well and will get a good prom!

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